Sound Rejuvenation Program increases effectiveness, resilience and creativity at the workplace.


"I attended Minna's weekly Sound Connection classes at the Nokia office in Sunnyvale CA. Minna's classes bring a break in the middle of a hectic work day. After every class I felt relaxed and calm and my work productivity went up. Given her background in corporate world, she can related to what busy corporate life is and bring just the right tools to relax, refresh and refocus. I highly recommend getting Minna's Sound Connection classes to any workplace."
Anna Kovanen, Sr. Director Corporate Development, Yahoo 
I am referred to as a busy bee that never stops going and thinking, and so Minna’s Sound Connection classes were something completely out of my scales to join! Yet, after my first session, I have tried as hard as I could to never miss a session, I did want to give it as much dedication as I could. 
Minna’s leadership in the class was able to make me tune off my brain and transplant me into a zone of quiet and peace that I almost never experience otherwise. It’s like magic land!

— Thierry Doyen, Partner Manager, Microsoft

I have benefited quite a lot from our weekly meditation sessions. I’ve done other forms of meditation for years, but I find that meditating with sound helps me to focus better and minimizes the distraction of random, wandering thoughts. I’ve made an effort to carry the wonderful tranquility I feel after each session to other activities, which has made me more mindful and able to focus more productively in my work and personal life."

— Patricia Thomas, Product Manager, Nokia