Minna Sivola is the founder and owner of Your Sound Connection and a certified sound practitioner.

Minna worked 17 years at Nokia Corporation as a Senior Sourcing Manager dealing with timezone differences, multitasking, demanding deadlines and ever changing requirements. Sleeping disorder, high blood pressure and difficulties to focus became very familiar. When co-workers started to leave for long sick leaves suffering from burnout, it was time to look for options how to prevent that happening.

Over the years Minna tried various forms of meditation, yoga and other somatic practices. Eventually she was introduced to the use of sound vibration as a vehicle for well-being and balance. This discovery triggered profound and valuable insights on ways to assist people to become more present, and fostering relaxation in the body and the mind by implementing sound centering tools.

Built on Sivola’s direct experience and studies on the effective and affective power of sound in stress management, she has created the thriving Sound Rejuvenation Program in the San Francisco Bay Area corporations.


Minna has established a private sound healing practice in Oakland, CA and she offers well-being classes around the USA and Europe. More about these events can be found at Harmoniaalto, a wave to harmony.