Sound Rejuvenation Program

"Researchers estimate that 30% of longevity is due to heredity and than 70% is the consequence of our beliefs, attitudes, coping skills and lifestyle." - Michael Brickey, PhD.

Sound Rejuvenation Program is designed to enhance employee well-being covering three focus areas, each of which can be taken independently - effectiveness, resilience and creativity. These areas are selected based on latest research available on employee wellness. 

The program is most beneficial when it is incorporated to your organization's employee wellness offering. The basis of the Sound Rejuvenation Program are the Sound Connection classes that are designed to change individual performance and mindset towards effectiveness, resilience and creativity. Classes are made easily accessible for all employees onsite on a meeting room, meditation room or other location available in your location. The participant retention rate is kept high by implementing science-based therapeutic sound protocols combined with improvised sounds sustaining the interest and by achieving immediate results.    

Regardless of the specific focus selected, it can be further tailored towards your organization's needs. We offer different ways to engage your organization:

-       A set of eight weekly 45-min classes  

-       An ongoing 45-min weekly drop-in class

-       Participation in your Corporate Wellness days, lunch & learn sessions, team days, town-hall meetings and more

1)   Effectiveness – (the capability of producing a desired result)

This area explores effortless productivity at work. 

Studies show that 47 % of the time we don't pay attention. This leads to unproductive multitasking and possible security issues both individually and company wide.  

2)   Resilience – (speed with which people recover from adversity)

This area focuses on stress release. 

Studies show that 80% of workers feel stress on the job - nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress. In 2012 WHO estimated that stress cost $300 billion dollars to American businesses a year.

3)   Creativity – (putting together ideas or forms that have not been put together before)

Researcher Dean Keith Simonton studied from composers, artists, and poets to inventors and scientists, the story is the same: a high number of creative breakthroughs is directly linked to the quantity of work produced and a refusal to let failure dampen enthusiasm or persistence.